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If you have a problem with your appliane, air conditioning, furnace or heating system and need an immediate assistance Detroit Appliance, Air Conditioning and Heating Repair is ready to serve your needs. Our services include same day appliance repair, a free service call with the repair, and service low-price guarantee. You always get an itemized written appliance repair estimate, which must be approved by you before we perform any work. Our dispatchers are available to receive your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at our Detroit appliance repair toll free number:


For parts only: 800-370-9281

Please note that all purchased appliance parts are shipped directly to you

Or send an Detroit appliance repair appointment request online at To do so, please specify your name, address and a brief nature of the problem. Once we receive your request we will contact you as soon as possible.

We are specialized in:
Air Conditioning Repairs
Heating Repairs
Refrigerator Repairs
Dryer Repairs
Washer Repairs
Oven Repairs
Stove Repairs
Dishwasher Repairs
Microwave Repairs
Disposal Repairs

We repair all brands major Applinces AC, and Heating

Speed Queen


O'Keefe and Merritt

And many more appliance that we repair in Detroit brands view the full list

We provide appliance repair to all Detroit zip codes and surrounding cities. The following areas correspond to our appliance service areas:

48209 Detroit
48210 Detroit
48211 Detroit
48229 Ecorse
48174 Romulus
48243 Detroit
48186 Westland
48214 Detroit
48215 Detroit
48228 Detroit
48187 Canton
48188 Canton
48192 Wyandotte
48193 Riverview
48195 Southgate
48170 Plymouth
48173 Rockwood
48225 Harper
48201 Detroit
48226 Detroit
48227 Detroit
48167 Northville
48168 Northville
48233 Detroit
48234 Detroit

48235 Detroit
48236 Grosse Pointe
48238 Detroit
48239 Redford
48240 Redford
48242 Detroit
48204 Detroit
48205 Detroit
48213 Detroit
48223 Detroit
48224 Detroit
48188 Canton
48192 Wyandotte
48193 Riverview
48195 Southgate
48216 Detroit
48217 Detroit
48218 River Rouge
48219 Detroit
48221 Detroit
48206 Detroit
48207 Detroit
48208 Detroit
48203 HighlandPark
48202 Detroit

48101 Allen Park
48111 Belleville
48120 Dearborn
48122 Melvindale
48124 Dearborn
48125 Dearborn Heights
48126 Dearborn
48127 Dearborn
48128 Dearborn
48212 Hamtramck
48134 Flat Rock
48135 Garden City
48138 Grosse Ile
48141 Inkster
48146 Lincoln Park
48150 Livonia
48152 Livonia
48154 Livonia
48164 New Boston
48230 Grosse Pointe
48180 Taylor
48183 Trenton
48184 Wayne
48185 Westland

And more view the rest of the Detroit appliance repair areas we service

General Safety Rules for All Air Conditioning / Heating and Appliances

If all appliances were operated by battery, there would be no real danger. The dc voltage from a battery isn’t nearly as dangerous as is the ac voltage used by your appliances. Some years ago the United States Navy responded to the potential dangers of ac voltage by conducting a very thorough study of the subject, particularly the effects of current on the human body. The results of the study showed that it takes surprisingly little current for ac voltage to cause harm. Just I milliamp (1/1000th of an amp) is enough to be felt. 10 milliamps (1/100th of an amp) is sufficient to cause muscle spasms and paralysis. At this point, the person being shocked will be unable to let go of the source of the shock, and is likely to actually grip it more tightly. If the current is increased to 100 milliamps (1/1 0th of an amp) and continues for more than just one second, the usual result is death. The most important muscle in your body, your heart, will become paralyzed. You can’t live long under those circumstances. This isn’t meant to scare you—although it should. The purpose is merely to let you know that you are definitely vulnerable. A flow of electricity of just 1/10th of an amp can be fatal, and you’re dealing with a much greater flow than just a tenth of an amp. A standard wall outlet in your home will be protected by a circuit breaker or fuse that can handle 15 amps. Other outlets might be going through a 20 amps or larger breaker or fuse.

When you have electrical issues with your AC, heating or appliances, consider hiring a professional. It will save you money in the long run. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the same day Detroit appliance repair. You will be glad you did it:


We constantly work hard to deliver excellent customer service and we are proud to provide 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee for all our work